Galipot (pine) 100 gr.


The resin of coniferous trees is called sap is a NATURAL ANTISEPTIC AND ANTIBIOTIC
and has unique healing properties, which have been known to many peoples since ancient times.
For a long time, the inhabitants of Russia have used resin to treat purulent wounds, cuts, and burns. The most severe and chronic tissue injuries, up to gangrene, were treated with balm. Pieces of tissue, soaked with resin, were applied to abscesses as a softening, stretching and healing agent.
This resin is used for digestive problems, kidney and lung diseases, rheumatism and various skin lesions. Resin is often used for quick fusion of bones in fractures, it is widely used in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, diseases of the nervous system.
With the help of resin, you can get rid of headache and toothache, with inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Every morning, while driving to work, I take a small piece of resin and chew like gum. Not only does it cleanse teeth of food debris, it also destroys bacteria, strengthens the gums and protects the throat from infections.