OINTMENT WAX wound healing


Wax-healing ointment
I use it for hemorrhoids and varicose veins, cracks
It heals:
1. Burns, boils, wounds, edematous inflammation on the skin, toothache (on the gum with cotton wool with ointment), joint pain in the knees.
2. Trophic ulcers,
3. Sores in the throat, abscesses in the throat, purulent tonsillitis.
4. Bronchi, pain in the stomach, intestines, boils on the body, barley in the eyes.
5. Female diseases: fibroids up to 10 weeks, ovarian cyst, inflammation of the appendages, mastopathy, mastitis.
6. Sinusitis.
7. Purulent otitis media. Twist the flagellum from cotton wool and insert into the ear
8. All that needs to be lubricated is done at night, apply compresses to sore knees, wrap up – and the sores will begin to recede from you thanks to the sorceress – ointment.
9. With this ointment you can strengthen your nails by rubbing the ointment into your nails overnight.
10. The ointment copes well with dermatitis, dry skin, cracked lips, saves rough heels, cracked heels.

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